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A Letter to Sunsea Interpreter Alumni
Dear Sunsea Interpreter Alumni,
Please accept my warmest greetings to you all!
Sunsea has developed very fast in the past two years, thanks to support from all parties Sunsea now is the IATCSOL Administration Center on mainland which allows Sunsea to do business with very good universities and institutes on mainland, like SISU and New Oriental School. A joint program with Concordia University US on Master of Education and teaching credential program is to be launched soon.
It’s been over one year since we first launched Simultaneous Interpreter training program approved by the Education Bureau. We have seen four groups of great interpreters graduating and practicing interpretation, though small groups they were. During this academic year, we have concentrated enormously on professionalism, quality and service, which today put me in a mood to share with you the following messages:
Firstly, more job opportunities. Sunsea interpreters have gradually been recognized by the market and Sunsea Interpreter is growing into a brand. More and more job opportunities are rolling in and there are times we get short of interpreters! Sunsea Interpreter will be fostered into a good image just like what we have done with TCSOL the Chinese teacher training. Here I am calling to you all to further sharpen and shine your skills and technology, to improve your personality and sociability, to continuously strive for the dream of being a great interpreter. Sunsea decided to set up for free an independent webpage for any graduate wishing to advertise himself, with self-introductions, photos, contacts listed.
Secondly, higher accreditation. Based on the qualifications we had before, the Sunsea Certificate and the certificate from CNCHR, China National Center for Human Resources, we now are proud to announce that we have obtained the accreditation from EDI (Education Development International), the second largest accreditation body in UK. This is achieved through Cambridge Academy of Translators UK and graduates will have chance to obtain a certificate from EDI, which will be the UK National Vocational Qualification level four. From now on, our graduates will be benchmarked as UK national accredited Bilingual Interpreters.
Thirdly, which is very important, Sunsea Interpreter program needs to expand. Now that we are good, we need to grow bigger to be stronger. I am inviting all graduates to actively help Sunsea to develop this golden program. We welcome and appreciate all sorts of support, help, and cooperation. Those who have contributed will get rewarded. Sunsea plans to enlarge the class up to 10 per group, 4-5 groups per year. Kindly tell people around you that here in Sunsea, they can enjoy a quality program, they can pursue a wonderful career.
Finally, I would again thank you all my interpreter alumni. you graduated but Sunsea never takes you as graduates, but a member of a big family. I am looking forward to a day when we have enough graduates to form an association to unite our translators, which will need your participation and operating. We have come together under the goal of interpretation, we have walked half way today and we know what to do tomorrow. Sunsea loves you all, ladies and gentlemen!
Stone, Shi Xingliang
President of Shanghai Sunsea School
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